Track Superelevation Kit - OO Gauge Code 75/100

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Make Super Elevation On Your Trackwork With Ease!

Gradually working from our S0 - S3 Super Elevation Wedges Bank Your Trackwork On Corners Giving Smoother Running On Your Layout And Some Superb View Of Tilting Coaches Just Like The Real Railway!

Includes Centre Slit So You Can Inert Your Track Pins If Required, Or Install On Your Current Track By Just Loosening Your Track Pins And Slotting Between Sleepers & Baseboard.

This kit includes:

6 x S0 - 0.75mm Super Elevation Wedges

6 x S1 - 1.4mm Super Elevation Wedges

6 x S2 - 2mm Super Elevation Wedges

6 x S3 - 2.75mm Super Elevation Wedges

Mega Pack Includes 12 Of Each

Additional Super Elevation Wedges Available Here:

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